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Step 1 Initial Consultation

Once you contact our team, you will receive a preliminary consultation over the phone, Skype, or in person, and at your convenience. Our Board Certified Nutrition Specialist will answer your questions about food intolerance and give you more detailed information about the Elimination Diet Program and your prospective program goals.

Step 2 Blood Sample

Our laboratory utilizes Dried Blood Spot sampling. A small sample of blood can be safely collected by a simple finger prick. It is then sent to our licensed partner laboratory for processing. With consent, a full collection kit with instructions can be sent to your home or office. 

Step 3 Consultation

We have spent years developing software that allows us to interpret laboratory results and determine the range of products causing abnormal reactions with your immune system. In most cases, the elimination of these defined products along with a carefully followed set of guidelines will resolve the symptoms of target chronic conditions and lead to better health overall.

Step 4 Follow Up

During the first three months of the elimination diet, our consultant will be your personal mentor and will be supporting you as you adjust to your new lifestyle. We will be available to address any problems, answer questions, and help you make health-conscious choices. This can include shopping tours* and recipes specific to your new dietary restrictions.

*location dependent

Step 5 Repeat Testing

After four months of being on the elimination diet, you will have the opportunity to pursue a second blood test. At this time we will be able to compare your results before and after the ImmuPrint Program and make any necessary corrections or exceptions that will pave a way for a lifetime of health.


ImmuPrint Program is a revolutionary nutritional philosophy, which balances the body into naturally losing weight. Not because you are dieting, rather because you are eating what's right for you. As much of what your body can tolerate, whenever you want to.

Why choose us?

If you are overweight, have mood swings, are prone to binge eating, and low energy - chances are, your body is heavily allergic to many of the foods you consume. The answer - is the ImmuPrint test, which will successfully determine foods that cause your weight gain,  lack of energy and other chronic conditions.

Every ImmuPrint case is a recommendation by a former patient. With very little advertising, the diet speaks for itself. Our patients are the ones that spread the word by their own examples.

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