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Just 4 steps to a new you:


A blood sample is obtained from a finger prick


A laboratory analysis is conducted (typically takes one week for completion)


Raw laboratory data is analyzed through a proprietary program based on our patented methodology


A consultation is scheduled in which the client receives personalized results and recommendations

Red/Green List

Upon completion of the laboratory analysis, the client receives a table of 96 tested products with product-antagonists marked in red. These product-antagonists then become subject to removal from the client's diet during the first stage of the ImmuPrint Medical Program.


The set of documents that is given to the patient includes an individual “food compatibility guide”. Built upon the principals of efficient food blending, it is populated with the products that are allowed for consumption by client's “green list.”

Compatibility Guide

Besides the “red/green list” and the “food compatibility guide,” the client pack includes a list of basic rules for healthy nutrition to be followed throughout the duration of the program. 

Program Cost

Three-month program

- bloodwork

- client pack

- consultation​ (1.5 hrs)


Family Package 

- for 2+ persons

- jointly consulted (1.5hrs)

- *price per person



Follow-up testing

optional, for purposes of reintroducing previously eliminated products and establishing your diet for the future

- bloodwork

- client pack

- consultation​ (1hr)


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